Guillotine Systems

Functional Few Parts - Fast and Easy Lots of Work.

KAPGA Guillotine Systems

     Guillotine Systems (Moving Handrail) is a window closing system that can be controlled automatically and consists of 2 or 3 glass panels that are opened and closed by overlapping each other vertically.
     They are aesthetic, functional and useful solutions that are preferred especially in commercial areas such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, wedding halls, and in closing open spaces such as balconies and terraces with their ability to be completely wiped from the inside, since there is no loss of vision.
     In Kapga Guillotine Systems, there are 1 fixed, 1 moving or 1 fixed 2 moving winged glass panels that open vertically; The lower wing of the applied system remains fixed and also acts as a guardrail.

 The Kapga Guillotine System provides extra convenience and time savings in manufacturing, assembly, breakdown and maintenance situations thanks to the special details and multi-functional parts in its design.


It is technically and aesthetically equipped to meet all customer or user requests and expectations.

kapga giyotin sistem ana BİLEŞENLERİ

Our Kapga Guillotine Systems consist of three main components, namely glass, profile, motor and control systems, and 2 systems, Standard and Easy Clean.

Glass : With its special design, Kapga Guillotine Systems are suitable for using all glass combinations, including single glass, double glass, tempered, tiled, colored, reflective glass, depending on the condition of your space, your purpose of use and your preferences. Thanks to the special design of Kapga Guillotine Systems, it also allows us to use different glass options on each sash.
Profil: All of the profiles used in Kapga Guillotine Systems are specially designed with a manufacturer and user-friendly approach. Therefore, it provides numerous advantages during production, assembly and use. The profiles in the guillotine system can be painted in RAL Catalog, anodized and wood patterned color options suitable for the characteristics of the place to be used. In this way, the newly built guillotine system achieves a perfect harmony with your existing spaces.

Engine and Control Systems: Tubular engines are used in our Kapga Guillotine System, as in all guillotine systems. If it is preferred, safety can be ensured in case of hitting any living or inanimate object during opening and closing by using the obstacle-sensing motor control system.
    We have domestic or imported engine options according to your expectations and the characteristics of the place.

      Engine control systems used in Motorized Guillotine Systems have international norms, standards and certificates.
Depending on the brand of the engine control units we use, there are guarantee periods between 2 and 5 years.  


In Kapga Guillotine Systems, 4 different systems can be applied, as 1 fixed 1 movable, 1 fixed 2 movable or 1 opening 1 movable, 1 opening 2 movable (Easy Clean System) according to the location and dimensions of the place where the application will be made.

1 fixed 2 movable
1 fixed 1 movable
1 opening 2 movable
1 opening 1 movable,

Standard Guillotine System

2 movable blades move vertically on 1 fixed blade. For this reason, the inside of the glass can be cleaned only from the inside, and the outside of the glass can only be cleaned from the outside. It is suitable for application in places located on ground floors. It is not a safe solution for cleaning on high floors.

Easy Clean Guillotine System

While the movable sashs move vertically, they can also be opened from the inside with the clamp system, and both the inside and the outside of the glass can be easily cleaned from the inside. For this reason, it is an extremely suitable and safe solution for high places as well.

Two sash Guillotine Systems

1 movable sash moves vertically on 1 fixed sash. It is preferred in places with a short field of view. Glass interiors can only be cleaned from the inside, and the outside of the glass can only be cleaned from the outside. It is suitable for application in places located on ground floors. It is not a safe solution for cleaning on high floors.


Easy Clean

Fast Installation

Less Maintenance.

• In the Kapga Guillotine System, both the inside and the outside of the glass can be wiped from the inside, so they can be cleaned easily and without danger. Thanks to this feature, it can be used safely in high places such as balconies and terraces.
• It offers useful solutions according to your space height, as both 1 fixed, 1 movable and 1 fixed 2 movable panels can be used.
• The specially designed double epidemic gasket used in the system provides extra high insulation compared to its equivalents with its permissive details and profile extensions.
• Thanks to the guide extensions on the engine chassis profile, it shortens the assembly time considerably.
• Thanks to the specially designed double-bearing pipe head, it is easier to intervene in case of breakdown and maintenance.
• All manufacturing and assembly parts are designed with an approach of ease of manufacture and assembly; It saves a lot of time compared to its counterparts at the point of product delivery.

 • In addition to the additional features found in glass and profiles, the silicone-filled duct used between the glass and the aluminum profile.